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The Spacer Car is convenient to move on cable at high altitude in the transmission wire installation and repair jobs.

The Single bundle Spacer Car is available to move on cable for receiving tools.

The Double bundles Spacer Car, designed with a trunk in the middle of the car, ensures a perfect work environment at high altitude. The car has a brake system to control the velocity or to stand at one place for repair work.



 Single bundle spacer car   Double bundles spacer car
Roller Ø150 (Aluminium pulley) Ø150 (Aluminium pulley)
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 590 x 110 x 490 590 x 465 x 860
Conductor (mm2) ACSR 95 ÷ 610 ACSR 95 ÷ 610
Weight (kg) 9 kg ± 3% 34 kg ± 3%

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